COUNSELLING (Susan Simpson): Why did we choose the image of a dandelion for our website:

The dandelion is a symbol of emotional healing - they can endure almost any living condition - standing strong and proud, always encouraging and giving you strength.

When we blow the seeds of a dandelion, we make a wish "Keep what is worth keeping and with breaths of kindness blow the rest away".

This I feel fits with what I offer in counselling - a space where you can heal and grow.  Finding your authentic self.  I believe you have within you everything you need to manage your own mental wellbeing.  I offer warmth, compassion and empathy, listening to your story without judgement.  Over the weeks you will build your own 'toolbox' of coping strategies and become your own best resource. I use a collaborative Person Centred process, using my professional experience to support your understanding of your own world view.

I am now offering face to face counselling in a Covid safe way.  I also offer online Zoom counselling sessions.

The first session is an assessment session, where we discuss your needs and whether we feel I am the right person for you.

My Fees are:

£45 per hour for individuals

£55 per hour for couples

I will also send resources by email to you