Recommendation 1:

"I got in touch with Susan as I have been struggling with an exercise addiction and disordered eating. She has been absolutely invaluable to me and I can honestly say my time spent with her has been absolutely lifechanging. After only a few months, I have been able to see my life and my actions in a completely different way. Her talent for giving you the tools and understanding to allow you to be the best version of you are astounding. She is calm, understand, non-judgemental and really listens to find those light bulb moments. With someone with very negative experiences of therapists in the past, it was really refreshing to find someone who truly wants to help and support you finding your true self. I can 100% recommend Susan and I'll look forward to any top up sessions we may have in the future. 

Thank you so much, Susan!"

Recommendation 2:

"So I feel the counselling sessions I had with you have been hugely successful, as you know it’s been a few weeks since our last session and I feel a lot more settled. But I think I gained a lot of understanding/ knowledge from you about this, mainly how you listened- fed back to me- educated me.
i now have a different mindset of how I approach day to day life and challenges, so that would be 10.

I’m going to struggle tbh with could anything have been added, as far as I am concerned No.

100% I would recommend you all day long Susan should I ever come across anybody who would require therapy I would put them in touch with you no problem.

Anything else to add: Well I just want to say thank you for everything you have helped me with on my journey, I didn’t think having the sessions via zoom was going to be good tbh as having previously had therapy sessions face to face i didn’t think it would work. But it absolutely did, I felt you engaged 100% throughout the sessions and were totally focused on me.
So after a couple of sessions it didn’t matter if it was on zoom because it was what I was getting out of the sessions that mattered.
You clearly know your stuff, an incredibly good listener, passionate about helping people/ me."